What City to River is Doing and What YOU Can Do to Help

What is City to River doing to make the boulevard idea a reality?  City to River is an all-volunteer advocacy organization working on many fronts to bring the idea of highway removal to all the key decision makers in the Arch design competition.

Time is of the essence and City to River needs your help.  Here’s what we’re up to and what you can do to help:

City to River is:

  • Meeting with finalist design teams to advocate for the inclusion of I-70 removal as part of the Arch grounds design competition.
  • Earning endorsements of our vision from property owners, developers and other stakeholders.
  • Encouraging the public to contact both Mayor Francis Slay and Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Superintendent Tom Bradley to express their support for the removal of I-70.
  • Communicating with local elected officials to express support for the removal of I-70.

What YOU Can Do:

  • Contact Mayor Francis Slay, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Superintendent Tom Bradley, and our  downtown Aldermen to express your support for the removal of I-70 (contact info below).
  • Spread the word to family, friends, colleagues. Ask them to follow @CitytoRiver on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CityToRiver. Send an e-mail to your contact list with a link to www.citytoriver.org, ask them to send the link to others.
  • If you have contact with downtown developers, businesses, or property owners, tell them about City to River and the boulevard idea.  If they would like to learn more, connect us with them and we will provide them with information about the effort and how they can help.

Mayor Francis Slay
Phone: (314) 622-3201
Email: mayorslay@mayorslay.com
Twitter: @mayorslay
Address: Mayor’s Office
City Hall, Room 200
1200 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

Superintendent Tom Bradley
Phone: (314) 655-1600
Email: Tom_Bradley@nps.gov
Address: Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
11 N. 4th Street
St. Louis, MO 63102

Alderman Phyllis Young
Phone: (314) 622-3287
Email: youngp@stlouiscity.com
Address: City Hall, Room 230
1200 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

Alderman April Ford-Griffin
Phone: (314) 622-3287
Email: griffina@stlouiscity.com
Address: City Hall, Room 230
1200 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

Alderman Kacie Starr Tripplet
Phone: (314) 622-3287
Email: TriplettK@stlouiscity.com
Twitter: @KacieStarr
Address: City Hall, Room 230
1200 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

6 Responses to “What City to River is Doing and What YOU Can Do to Help”

  1. Ben says:

    In addition to the people listed above (Mayor Slay, Superintendent Bradley, and the aldermen), how do you get the message to the people who need to hear it the most–the jury members who will select the winning design?

    At the April 28th presentation at the Orpheum, the participants advocated the continuing involvement of the community, with several references to community outreach and input. However, it isn’t clear to me the extent to which that is actually going to occur. Is the unveiling of the design concepts in August the next time the public at large will know anything specific about what the teams are planning? If so, my fear is that there will be little time (only a month or so) for the public to let the jury know that removal of I-70 has to be part of the solution–assuming that is even included in one or more of the designs.

    In addition to contacting the people listed above, does it make sense also to contact the design competition directly at their “Community Connection” page? It’s not clear that that is what that page is intended to be used for, but maybe it’s a way for everyone (not just the members of City to River) to make sure that those directly involved in the competition are aware of the growing public demand for this solution (even if direct comments may be screened from the jury members). Would this be counter-productive for any reason? Here’s the “Community Connection” page: http://www.cityarchrivercompetition.org/community/connection/

  2. City to River says:

    Ben, you are right, there is not much time left to let the teams and the jurors know that we want I-70 removed. The City to River crew is currently working hard and quickly on this. We are not sure who reads the comments left “Community Connection” page, but it’s worth a shot. Please do write and let them know your ideas about highway removal downtown.

  3. Mark Groth says:

    Done and done. Great work folks!

  4. Lane Mitchell says:

    I have been screaming about this very proposal for years, so all this attention toward an obviously practical and wonderful solution to a glaring decades long infastructure problem feels like weight off my shoulders. but I am extremely pesamistic.
    I actually doubt that this idea will come to fruition. Not in the way we demand. Mayor Slay, whom I greatly respect and support, will be forced to write it off completely. After knowing what the winning design will be, this will become a “no comment” subject. And the chosen design will be front and center with no mention of any of the other options. The reason will be because it is so obviously the right idea that no explanation will do justice. Acknowlegding this idea will distract from the victory that will be. So discussing anything regarding city to river will not be allowed. I desperately hope that I am wrong about this.
    I always said that it should be called the “face forward” campaign. Simply, all the buildings located on memorial dr face west. Away from the Arch and river front. The fronts of these buldings (the face of these buildings) face Broadway. The development of a blvd will instantly create what will become known as “Archfront property”. If not the immediate demolition and construction of brand new construction across the street from the Arch, then these businesses will be scrambling to capitalize on this new, absolutely stunning setting but renovating to include front door access facing the Arch, and patio seating to say the least. It could be unvieled with the slogan “Get your feet wet!” to encourage going down to the river.
    It will be just one huge sadening event that I will endure in this city that I live, work, and play in. And Im sure of many. But watch and see. And collectively we will talk about how awesome downtown could have been.

  5. Miranda says:

    Lane, please tell met that before you gave up that you did the simple tasks that City to River has laid out here. You shouldn’t complain if the boulevard doesn’t happen if you didn’t email, didn’t pick up the phone or didn’t submit a public comment. If you’ve done these then thanks for joining the movement. This effort needs some positive energy and you can either tell your friends and family to do what I just suggested or you can sit back and bemoan the place you “live, work and play in.”

  6. Sue Kaman says:

    I hope it’s not too late, but I just saw this post and sent off an email telling the officials above how wonderful I think this would be for the City and tourism.

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