Peter Walker and Partners Makes It Five-for-Five

We’re anticipating I-70 will be removed… Not only would our design not be in the way of a boulevard, but we designed so that it purposely works with a boulevard.

-Peter Walker of PWP

City to River was ecstatic to see that four of five Arch design competition finalists support I-70 removal in downtown St. Louis. More than one team went beyond simply suggesting that I-70 removal would be preferred and detailed how and why this should happen.

I-70 Removal, from the Behnisch plan

Now we know that the single team not to mention I-70 removal is firmly in favor of eliminating the highway from downtown. The design team jury interviews provided each team an opportunity to present the design concepts and reasoning behind their redesign of the Arch grounds.

As Peter Walker discussed proposed changes to Memorial Drive and Washington Avenue, he stated that the city will not see Memorial Drive activated and highlighted to its potential until I-70 is removed. He made clear that changes to Memorial Drive and possibly other downtown streets would be temporary until I-70 can be removed. The point was reiterated when discussing changes suggested for the 4th Street, Washington Avenue, I-70 and Memorial Drive intersection.

With all five design teams on board and a growing list of businesses, organizations and individuals supporting the City to River effort, I-70 removal continues to gain momentum. City to River supports a design that plans for highway removal soon after the 2015 celebration, as part of a total connectivity plan. Moving forward, we will continue to advocate for a full transportation study to examine the benefits of highway removal. Join us, and the five finalist design teams, and help open a new front door for St. Louis!

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