Upcoming Event Seeks to Re-envision the Mississippi Riverfront

Although it has been a busy month for City to River, we want to take a moment to redirect attention from the situation at the Arch Grounds to a process that has great potential to achieve reconnections between St. Louis and the Mississippi River. Most St. Louisians are undoubtedly familiar with the North Riverfront Trail. This single trail is currently responsible for 60% of the length of currently accessible connections between St. Louis City and the Mississippi. City to River is supporting current efforts to improve connections to the Riverfront Trail and to transform an abandoned viaduct into the third elevated linear park in the world.

This of course begs the question: what about the South Riverfront?

Nextstl.com recently did a thorough write-up of the challenges and opportunities surrounding a South Riverfront Trail. It is interesting to note from that article that the entire Riverfront Trail was planned in 1987 as the St. Louis Riverfront Bikeway. At that time it was believed that a bikeway along the entire riverfront would “create demand for more extensive access to the river” and serve as “the first step towards the evolution of the St. Louis Riverfront”.

STL River Front Bikeway Feasibility Study 1987

Fortuitously, Great Rivers Greenway is currently planning to complete the Riverfront Trail from the Arch Grounds to the South Bank of the River Des Peres. At this point there is still understandable ambiguity surrounding precise alignments, but this project has the promise to open up a significant stretch of inaccessible riverfront to the citizens of St. Louis. Two open houses will be held this week to explain the goals of the project and update the public on the process. This is not an event to miss!

For those of you interested in the intimate connectivity between riverine systems and neighborhoods, there will also be a region-wide clean up of the much-maligned River Des Peres watershed on October 8th. A T-shirt and snacks will be provided.


2 Responses to “Upcoming Event Seeks to Re-envision the Mississippi Riverfront”

  1. John says:

    The only problem I have with these trails is that they are straight, not loops. You either have to arrange for a ride at the other end, or turn around and see the same things again on the way back.

    (I hate to be a jerk but that’s not what “begs the question” means – it’s a logical fallacy. You mean “raises the question”.)

  2. admin says:

    The challenge of Great Rivers Greenway’s ambitious River Ring plan is that is has to be built in pieces. The South Riverfront Trail will have a number of return loop options. Currently the River Des Peres Greenway extends from Lansdowne to I-55, however to extensions are currently in engineering that would connect it to Carondelet Park and to the South Riverfront Trail/Mississippi River Greenway. By the time the South Riverfront Trail is completed it will be feasible to ride one leg on the South Riverfront Trail and return via a combination of the River Des Peres Greenway, the Christy Greenway, and Morgan Ford/Arsenal designated Bike St. Louis routes. In a longer term the return loop could extend via the River Des Peres and the Chouteau Greenway.

    Of course, returning to the car is not an issue if you don’t drive your car to ride your bicycle!

    City to River apologizes for the logical fallacy in petitio principii.

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