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City to River, an all-volunteer citizens group, has a mission to to improve the quality of life of the St.
Louis region by reconnecting its urban core to the Mississippi River through the implementation of physical improvements and sustainable programs. The riverfront, with the Arch at the center, is a gem of a park that deserves a beautiful setting within the center of a vibrant, thriving, connected community. Unfortunately at its center it is currently framed with parking garages, a lifeless streetscape, blank building facades, and the soon to be redundant elevated and depressed lanes of Interstate 70. To the North and South of downtown the river is separated from the city by aging infrastructure, vacant and active industrial sites, and a disconnected street grid. City to River wants to change that by building partnerships and directing interest towards strategic projects that reopen the riverfront to the neighborhods of the City of St. Louis

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In early 2009, City to River began developing strategies for ways to improve connectivity between the riverfront and St. Louis. Chief among them is the removal of Interstate 70 through downtown St. Louis. Explore these ideas here.

Who we are

City to River is made up of volunteers coming from a variety of backgrounds including experts in the areas of architecture, art, historic preservation, community development, and environmental advocacy. All members are active in a variety of St. Louis efforts and have a keen interest in the future of downtown and the St. Louis region.

What have we been up to?

For over two years, City to River has been meeting and developing our ideas. We participated in the community process carried out by the National Park Service to update the General Management Plan for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and we provided formal testimony as a group and as individuals in March of 2009.
Read our testimony.

We initiated contact with all five shortlisted finalists for the international CityArchRiver design competition. Through our efforts all five finalists identified the downtown lanes of I-70 as the biggest obstacle to reinvigorating the arch grounds and all teams articulated the necessity of highway removal once the downtown segment is made redundant in 2014.

We have been meeting with local groups and community leaders to present the plan for highway removal and broaden support for the idea. The response has been very positive. We are interested in continuing to meet with more organizations. You can set up a meeting with us by emailing info@citytoriver.org.

How you can help

City to River is an open organization and welcomes new members. Members are expected to contribute to the efforts of the organization by donating their time, expertise, or other resources. No member of City to River is compensated for his or her time working on this project.

For any other questions, please contact us at info@citytoriver.org.

Contribute to the connections conversation

City to River encourages an open forum for the exchange of ideas and information about how best to continue the revitalization of downtown St. Louis through creative design and development approaches for reconnecting the riverfront, the Arch grounds, and the downtown area.
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