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Tour the Iron Horse Trestle and Learn More About Reconnecting ONSL with the Mississippi River

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Illinois Terminal Railroad Trestle (STL Post Dispatch Image)

Although City to River has become associated with our advocacy and vision for downtown St. Louis, our mission remains

to improve the quality of life of the St.
Louis region by reconnecting its urban core to the Mississippi River through
the implementation of physical improvements and sustainable programs

In these efforts we are also devoting attention to improving connections between the North Riverfront and adjacent neighborhoods. City to River is pleased to announce that our associates at City Affair have put together a picnic event on Thursday, July 7th focusing on initiatives to reconnect the Mississippi River with St. Louis City.

The centerpiece of the event will be a walking tour of the Iron Horse Trestle, the electric rail viaduct slated to become the third elevated linear park in the world. In order to realize this vision and put St. Louis alongside Paris and New York Great Rivers Greenway faces significant challenges. Todd Antoine, Deputy Director of Planning for GRG, will discuss how they plan to connect downtown, Columbus Square, and Old North St. Louis to the Riverfront Trail.

Phil Valko, Active Living Program Manager at Trailnet, will discuss plans to rebuild Branch Street as a seamless at-grade connector between Old North St. Louis and Hyde Park and the Riverfront. City to River has previously mentioned community input sessions for the project, and we continue to offer assistance as the project progresses.

Jennifer Allen, Program Coordinator for Trailnet, will address St. Louis Development Corporation’s RFP (Request for Proposals) for 3,000 acres of the North Riverfront of St. Louis. This area represents over 1/3 of the entire Mississippi River riverfront and the $800,000 study will likely chart the course of development for the next generation. NextSTL has suggested setting aside 1% of the total study area for pedestrians and recreation, but an even larger portion would bring larger dividends for both residents and tourists.

A seamless connection between neighborhoods and the Mississippi

For more information on the picnic please see the City Affair Website or their Facebook Page

As a reminder, you can follow City to River on Twitter for updates on our work reconnecting St. Louis with its waterfront.

North Riverfront Community Meeting, Thursday March 10th

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

There is a community meeting this week in Old North about the future of the Iron Horse Trestle project and the important Branch Street connection between Hyde Park and the Riverfront Trail.

The meeting will be at 5:30 pm at the Old North Restoration Group’s Office (2700 N 14th Street) this Thursday, March 10th. It’s open to the public and all interested citizens are encouraged to attend.

City to River supports connections between neighborhoods and the riverfront. The Iron Horse Trestle is a project that will provide a direct link between the Old North Neighborhood and the Riverfront Trail. An overview of the project with maps and renderings can be viewed here. (pdf)

Branch Street is another important neighborhood connector that links Hyde Park and Old North to the Riverfront Trail, the Iron Horse Trestle, the Branch Street Trestle, and the McKinley Bridge and trails beyond.